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SafeTruth is a blockchain technology powered system for authentication that provide manufacturers, sellers and consumers with trust and transparency. We use NFC tag, which can be discreetly incorporated in any products, from luxury goods to pharmaceutical, to guarantee the recognition of authentic article from fakes.

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How it works


To ensure a smooth and rapidly operativity, we have developed a Content Management System to handle your company info, product details and NFC codes.

NFC Tag icon

NFC Tags

Every tag is labeled with a unique code and can store your information without being modified. It’s applicable in different sectors, from retail to document protection.

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The distributed data is saved on a Blockchain Ethereum network to offer a high security level. Every block is immutable and every attempt to alter the system is detected.


Authenticity is verified through the SafeTruth app, scanning the NFC Tag. Do you need a different app? We offer white label solutions.

Key Benefits

What SafeTruth offers

investments in originality and quality

Clever investment

The intangible value of importance for the brand increases: originality and quality are certified by Blockchain. Information is accurate and accessible at any time.

value of authenticity


SafeTruth creates value for the entire supply chain: from the manufacturer to the end customer. Products as well as people are protected.

customer loyalty

Targeted Marketing

Develop targeted marketing actions through promotions and e-commerce campaign based on the information gained in the purchase phase thanks to our analytics dashboard.

customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

The company - customer relationship has never been so transparent. The final consumer is better informed and more aware of his purchase choices.

Content Management System for NFC Tag pair and company info

Content Management System

Manage your data from a private access platform. Check scan statistics from an intuitive dashboard, including number of daily, weekly, monthly scans.

Native App to verify the authenticity of a product

Mobile App

Give your customers the opportunity to verify at any time and easily if a product is original. The SafeTruth app helps you build trust.


Communicate trust through your products

Enter the details about your organization and your assets in a dedicated CMS with a personal and secure login. Reach your customers with curated and up-to-date info. Access your personal page to associate the unique NFC Tag identifier to your products with the help of a simple and clean interface. Do you want to know more about interactions with your articles? In the Analytics dashboard we offer on overview of daily, weekly and monthly scans..

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homepage CMS SafeTruth
All products added to the platform SafeTruth
Product view inside the SafeTruth CMS
Add a NFC Tag through SafeTruth CMS

Never lose another sales again

All information is validated and permanently stored inside a chip then all data is put into an unmodifiable block connected to the next one, forming an irreversible chain inside the Blockchain Ethereum network. Our combination of technologies make it's impossible to duplicate a tag, so you don’t have to worry anymore about lost sales and brand damage.

SafeTruth is a solution to fight counterfeit goods

Native App with users in mind

SafeTruth App NFC Tag scan

Easy to use

No complicated procedures: users just login and scan to identify fakes from reals.


Every information about you is written and controlled by your company. Reach your clients.


Every action is well described and implemented so your customer can just focus on your products.


Browse history of purchased and scanned goods for an extra layer of authentication.


We have developed SafeTruth app, but we can implement our technology in your branded app.


Our experienced team is here to support you in achieving your company’s goals.

The easy-to-use Blockchain App that helps fight counterfeiting


Our Service, Your App

All the flexibility and scalability of the SafeTruth Blockchain solution with your corporate design and brand image. Our SDK can be integrated into your existing apps. We support different developing platforms with a clear and complete documentation.

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Your App with the power of our Blockchain solution

What Clients Say

testimonial Laura Jack of River Laurent Ltd

I found this solution online and I immediately realized that it could help me in my business. Thanks to SafeTruth my customers are certain to buy real products that meet their expectations.

— Laura Jack       River Laurent Ltd.

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